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RxSaver: The Ultimate Resource

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RxSaver offers discounts up to 80% off the retail drug price when you use their coupon.

For example, Sulfacetamide used for skin and eye infections retails for around $146. However, you can find this medication for $35 at specific pharmacies when using the RxSaver card. 

RxSaver has earned a spot on our best prescription coupons list, but there are still important things to learn before using this card.

Our RxSaver review will look into everything this company offers.

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What is RxSaver

RxSaver is a prescription discount card that helps you save up to 80 percent off the listed retail price of specific drugs.

This card is good for uninsured, insured, and, yes, even prescriptions for pets. 

The company offers savings on over 6,000 medications, so you are almost assured of finding discounts for your drug. 

Is RxSaver Legit?

RxSaver has been operating since 2009 with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and no current complaints.

RxSaver is a well-known and trusted prescription discount card company and was purchased by GoodRx in 2021.

Pros Cons
✅ Free to use
❌ Not compatible with insurance
✅ Coupons for over 6,000 prescriptions
❌ Not always the lowest priced card
✅ Great customer support
✅ Easy to use mobile app

How Does RxSaver Work?

RxSaver has partnered with Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM), who have agreed on prices for specific prescriptions at various pharmacies around the nation.

You can sort medications in your zip code using the company’s app or website to find a discount.

Once you enter your information, a list of pharmacies will populate, showing you the lowest price prescription in the area.

Each prescription discount card has different prices negotiated with pharmacies around the country, and RxSaver is no different. 

This is why you will see significant price swings depending on which pharmacy and the discount card you use.

There is a four-step process to find the lowest possible prescription price with RxSaver. 

The screenshots below are from the RxSaver app.

Step 1

Search for your prescription on the RxSaver app or website.

RxSaver app 1

Step 2

Determine the proper dosage and quantity then click “Show Prices.”

RxSaver app 2

Step 3

A list of pharmacies will display after entering your medication.

The prices will differ depending on the pharmacy you use. This is because RxSaver has pricing partners who negotiate the price for each specific drug with individual pharmacies.

In the example below, Target (CVS) is the lowest price for the drug Levothyroxine Sodium in the Phoenix metro area.

Click “Show Coupon.”

⭐️ Tip - When you use RxSaver to search for prescription discount cards, you are only searching for discounts within their network.

The only way to find the true lowest price is to compare all discount cards against each other. 

RxSaver app 3

Step 4

Show your phone, coupon, or card to the pharmacist, and your discount will be applied at checkout.

RxSaver app 4

Is RxSaver Free?

RxSaver offers free coupons for anyone, regardless of their current medical status, pre-existing conditions, insured, or uninsured.

When you use their free prescription savings card, you can find up to 80% off on certain medications and over 6,000 discounted drugs.

It is crucial to find the lowest-priced pharmacy because it could be the difference between overpaying and significant savings.

For example, the retail cash price of Fluticasone is $51.69, according to WebMD.

However, when you present the RxSaver prescription discount card to your pharmacy for Fluticasone, you will receive a greatly reduced price depending on the pharmacy you use.

The chart below shows your discounted price when using the RxSaver card for Fluticasone.

Pharmacy RxSaver Price
Fry's Pharmacy
CVS Pharmacy
Target (CVS)

What Pharmacies Accept RxSaver?

RxSaver has a wide range of local and national pharmacies that accept its prescription discount cards.

The chain pharmacies include CVS, Costco, Walgreens, and many more.

Keep in mind that not all pharmacies offer the same savings.

For example, a discount could be exceptional at one pharmacy, while you could overpay at the drug store across the street.

Some of the Pharmacies that Accept RxSaver

ACME Pharmacy
Food Lion Pharmacy
Jewel Osco
Target CVS
Fred Meyer
King Soopers
QFC Pharmacy
The Medicine Shoppe
Bartell Drugs
Fry's Pharmacy
Kinney Drugs
Ralphs Pharmacy
Tom Thumb
Carrs Pharmacy
Rite Aid
United Pharmacy
Giant Eagle
Hannaford Pharmacy
Longs Pharmacy
CVS Pharmacy
Harris Teeter
Dillons Pharmacy
Martin's Pharmacy
Wegmans Food Markets
Discount Drug Mart
Weis Pharmacy
Duane Reade
Jay C Food Stores
Price Chopper
Stop & Shop

Can RxSaver be Used with Insurance?

Similar to GoodRx and SingleCare, RxSaver is a coupon and cannot be used in combination with your insurance. 

You will need to decide if you will use your insurance or the prescription discount card, but not both. 

The best way to figure out if using the Rx coupon or insurance is a better deal is by simply asking the pharmacist to price-check the RxSaver card against your insurance copay. 

Does RxSaver Work with Medicare?

Medicare cannot be combined with the RxSaver prescription discount card.

There are times when the RxSaver card is a better option than Medicare, so check with your pharmacist before paying for your medication.

Rx Advocacy Program

Rx Advocacy is a program between RxSaver and their partner organization. The program was created to help people with high-cost drugs who cannot pay for them regardless of financial circumstances or if the person is insured or not.

The program costs $60 a month, and it can help save a substantial amount on high costs prescriptions. 

Is GoodRx the same as RxSaver?

GoodRx acquired RxSaver for $50 million in cash in late April 2021.

Prior to being aquicred by GoodRx, the company was owned by Vericast Corp.

RxSaver vs GoodRx

While GoodRx owns RxSaver, the cards offer different savings depending on the medication and pharmacy the prescription is filled at.

Below is RxSaver vs GoodRx prices on a handful of common prescriptions.

Medication RxSaver Best Discount GoodRx Best Discount
Amlodipine 10mg 30 Tablets
Amoxicillin 500mg 30 Capsules
Hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg 30 Tablets
Hydrocodone 7.5/325 Tablet 60 Tablets
Levothyroxine 50mcg 30 Tablets
Lisinopril 20mg 30 Tablets
Metformin 1000mg 60 Tablets
Omeprazole 40mg 30 Capsules
Simvastatin 20mg 30 Tablets

How Does RxSaver Make Money?

Rxsaver works with pricing partners who negotiate with pharmacies. 

Once you use the card at your local pharmacy, the pricing partner (PBM) pays RxSaver a fee.

This is standard practice when it comes to prescription discount cards. 

In Conclusion

RxSaver is a prescription discount card that can help you save up to 80% on over 6,000 medications.

The mobile app is user-friendly and allows quick access to receive your discount. 

RxSaver is free to use, but it is wise to compare other Rx coupons to ensure you receive the lowest price.

Most large chain grocery stores and pharmacies accept the RxSaver card, including CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart.

The prescription discount card cannot be used with insurance, but you should always price-check your copay vs. the RxSaver card.

In 2021 GoodRx purchased RxSaver.

RxSaver makes money through its pricing partners, who pay them a fee when the card is used.