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America’s Pharmacy: Unlock Major Savings

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America’s Pharmacy offers an average of 66% off the cash price of prescriptions when you bring their card to the drug store. 

For example, according to America’s Pharmacy, the medication Provigil, meant to help with sleepfulness, retails without insurance at $944.90.

However, when you present the Rx coupon at checkout, the price can be as low as $83.44, depending on the drugstore you use. 

This is one of many significant savings opportunities that is offed.

The company has received a spot on our best prescription discount cards list for its affordable prices and flexibility regarding local pharmacies that accept this coupon. 

This America’s Pharmacy review will explain the pros and cons, how to use the card, and get the most significant discount before going into the drugstore.

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What Is America’s Pharmacy Card?

America’s Pharmacy is a prescriptions discount card that can help save up to 80% off both generic and brand name drugs.

The card is not insurance but rather an Rx coupon that can help any customer, regardless of their current medical status, pre-existing conditions, or if they are currently insured.

Pros Cons
✅ Free
❌ Not compatible with insurance
✅ Available at 59,000 pharmacies
❌ Not available at Walmart
✅ Up to 80% off drug prices

Is America's Pharmacy Legit?

America’s Pharmacy is a legitimate company that was established in 2018, and offers savings at 59,000 pharmacies around the country.

The company has a 4-star Trustpilot rating and an A+ with the Better Business Bureau.  

America’s Pharmacy is a well-known brand and trusted company.

How does America's Pharmacy Work?

America’s Pharmacy works with MedImpact Healthcare Systems, a Pharmacy Benefits Managers (PBM), who negotiates drug prices with pharmaceutical companies.

This is how you can get a discount on the retail drug price when using their card. 

Within the prescription discount drug market, this is standard practice.

Coupons like WellRx also use PBMs to offer reduced prices.

The following four steps will help you receive a discount on your prescriptions.

The screenshots below are from America’s Pharmacy app, which is an easy way to find your savings.

Step 1

Search for your medication on the app or website to compare prices in your area.

America's Pharmacy screenshot 1

Step 2

Once you enter your drug, a screen will display, asking you to choose the brand of the medication, form, dosage, and quantity. 

You can also choose your location to ensure you receive the lowest possible price.

Once all this information is confirmed, tap “Search Prices.”

Step 3

A list of pharmacies will populate after entering your prescription, and various prices will display.

This is because each drug store has different rates negotiated with America’s Pharmacy’s PBM.

In the example below, Rite Aid has the lowest cost for Levothyroxine. 

Tap “Free Coupon” to get the discount.

⭐️ Tip - You only search within their discounted network when using America's Pharmacy Rx coupon.

To find the true lowest prescription discount price, you need to compare the various cards against each other. 

Step 4

Show your screen, card, or coupon to the pharmacist at checkout, and your discount will be applied.

America's Pharmacy Screenshot 4

How Much Does America’s Pharmacy Cost?

America’s pharmacy provides free Rx coupons for anyone, regardless of your pre-existing conditions, current medical status, or if you are insured or uninsured. 

When you use their free discount card, you can find savings of up to 80% off on specific medications at 59,000 pharmacies.

Finding the lowest price should be the top priority as it could be the difference between major savings and drastically overpaying.

For example, according to WebMD, the retail price for Fluoxetine is $26.59.

However, after the coupon for Fluoxetine is provided at the register, the total price can have significant savings depending on the pharmacy used.

The chart below shows your savings when using America’s Pharmacy card for Fluoxetine.

Pharmacy America's Pharmacy Discount
CVS Pharmacy

Using Insurance with America's Pharmacy Card

Discount cards are not insurance but rather prescription coupons. 

You can either use your insurance to pay for your medication or the discount card, but not both.  

The best way to determine which option you should use is by asking the pharmacist to check the price with your insurance vs. the Rx coupon. 

Sometimes you will find that the drug price will be less than your insurance copay.  

Similarly to standard insurance, Medicare cannot be used simultaneously with America’s Pharmacy discount card.

How Much will America’s Pharmacy Really Save Me?

The company says you can save up to 80% off on prescriptions, however, the average savings is 66%.

Drug prices will increase and decrease depending on the pharmacy that you use and the prescription that you fill. 

Some of the Drug Stores that Accept America’s Pharmacy Card

What makes America’s Pharmacy unique is that many local drug stores accept their card.

Competitors like SingleCare do not offer this many local pharmacy options.

As seen below, most national and regional pharmacy chains also accept America’s Pharmacy. 

Where they are lacking, though, is not offering Walmart as an option, as the mega-retailer typically has great prescription pricing.

CVS Pharmacy
Harris Teeter
Publix Pharmacy
Big Y Pharmacy
Dillon Pharmacy
HEB Pharmacy
Longs Drugs
Rite Aid Pharmacy
Carrs Pharmacy
Fred Meyer Pharmacy
Hen House
Meijer Pharmacy
Stop & Shop Pharmacy
Costco Pharmacy
Osco Pharmacy
Cub Pharmacy
King Soopers Pharmacy
Price Chopper Pharmacy

How can I get America's Pharmacy Card?

There are several ways to secure a discount card from the company.

You can receive a card through the mail, email, or text.

Or simply download the app and show your coupon to the pharmacist at checkout. 

America’s Pharmacy vs GoodRx

America’s Pharmacy offers competitive pricing, but how does it stack up against the competition?

When comparing America’s Pharmacy vs GoodRx, there are mixed results as to who has the lowest prices.

However, your price will ultimately depend on the drug.

Both cards require you to provide your Rx coupon at the pharmacy register to receive your discount.

To learn more, read our GoodRx reviews.

Medication America's Pharmacy Best Discount GoodRx Best Discount
Amlodipine 10mg 30 Tablets
Amoxicillin 500mg 30 Capsules
Hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg 30 Tablets
Hydrocodone 7.5/325 Tablet 60 Tablets
Levothyroxine 50mcg 30 Tablets
Lisinopril 20mg 30 Tablets
Metformin 1000mg 60 Tablets
Omeprazole 40mg 30 Capsules
Simvastatin 20mg 30 Tablets

In Conclusion

America’s Pharmacy reviews have shown that the company offers up to 80% off of prescriptions at 59,000 locations.

The card is 100% free however it is not insurance and must be used separately.

The company is unique in the number of local pharmacies that accept this card.

They also offer a variety of national chain pharmacies, but Walmart was noticeably missing from this list. 

They have a convenient mobile app, but you can receive your discount card via mail, text, or email if you prefer.