About ClueRx

What is ClueRx?

ClueRx brings transparency to prescription discount cards. Instead of offering yet another discount card to the market, the team at ClueRx realized a significant gap in educational content about Rx coupons.

Hundreds of prescription discount cards help millions of people get lower drug prices. However, no tool brings all of these cards together and compares them against each other.

Our team has set out to compare, price shop, and ultimately save customers even more money.

How does our Business Work?

We strive to offer a simple, easy and free way to find the lowest possible drug prices for your medication. This is done by comparing the top prescription discount coupons and cards through technology and research.

We have done the heavy lifting, so all that’s left is for you to get your card and save!

How does ClueRx Make Money?

When using discount cards from our website, ClueRx may receive a commission from every prescription filled when that card is used.

For example, if you print off a card and take it to the pharmacy, ClueRx may receive compensation once your prescription is filled. This commission costs you, the customer, nothing as the prescription discount card company pays us for bringing them, new patients.

Please review our advertising disclosure for more details.

Which Companies does ClueRx Represent?

Currently, no cards on our website are paying us any commission. We are simply reviewing the best prescription discount cards and providing this information to serve the public. However, we consistently update our list of partners to best serve our visitors.

How do we Decide which Cards are Best?

The team at ClueRx compares America’s top prescription discount cards against each other in several ways. 

First, we reviewed many cards to determine which discount coupons have the best pricing, were trustworthy with data, and offered a streamlined way of accessing the discount card.

From here, we compared the best cards against each other by looking at popular national prescriptions. We have found the best card for specific drugs within this formula.

How to get a Prescription Discount Card

There are countless ways to get a prescription discount card, including through the mail, email, text message, and the Rx card websites. However, comparing all of these cards against each other with ClueRx will determine what the lowest price truly is. 

ClueRx will show you the lowest price and how to secure your discount.

What is Our Mission?

Our mission is to bring transparency to prescription discount cards by comparing and recommending the best card with a fact-based referral process. Our editorial guidelines and integrity within our writing and referrals are essential to our business, as trust within the prescription industry is at all-time lows.

We are here to fight off the smoke and mirrors to get every patient the lowest possible drug prices.

Review our editorial disclosure to better understand how highly we value our journalistic integrity.

About Our Founder

Jake Irving is a licensed health insurance agent who was looking to find his clients the lowest price for their specific medication.

While searching through prescription discount cards, he noticed there were no resources that put the hundreds of Rx coupons together, compared each one, and ultimately showed the best card. 

Through the simple idea of comparing discount cards and finding the lowest price for each medication, ClueRx was born.